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200 years old
Absolutely free
The adventures of Greggery Peccary
The air
Agency man
America drinks
 Any kind of pain
The be-bop tango (of the old jazzman's church)
Be in my video
Billy the mountain
Bobby Brown (goes down)
Bow tie daddy
Broken hearts are for assholes
Brown shoes don't make it
Bwana Dik
Call any vegetable
Carolina harcore ecstasy
Camarillo brillo
Catholic girls
Chana in de bushwop
Charlie's enormous mouth
Cheap thrills
Cock-suckers ball
Concentration moon
Cozmik debris
Crew slut
Daddy, daddy, daddy
Dancin' fool
The dangerous kitchen
Dickie's such an asshole  (The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation)
Dog breath in the year of the plague
Do you like my new car?
Drafted again
Dumb all over
Dummy up
Duke of prunes
Easy meat
Eddie, are you kidding?
Elvis has just left the building
Evelyn, a modified dog
Excentrifugal forz
Father O'Blivion
Fine girl
For Calvin (and his next two hitch hikers)
Flower punk
Fountain of love
Frogs with dirty little lips
Goblin girl
Go cry on somebody else's shoulder
The grand wazoo
Harder than you husband
Help, I'm a rock!
Honey, don't you want a man like me?
Hot plate heaven at the Green Hotel
How could I be such a fool?
Hungry freaks, daddy
I ain't got no heart
I have been in you
I'm not satisfied
I'm the slime
Inca roads
In France
It just might be a one shot deal
The jazz discharge party hats
Jelly roll gum drop
Jesus thinks you're a jerk
Jewish princess
Jezebel boy
Joe's garage
Jumbo go away
Keep it greasy
Later that night
Latex solar beef
Lemme take you to the beach
Let's make the water turn black
A little green rosetta
Little rubber girl
Lonesome cowboy Nando
Lonesome cowboy Burt
Lost in a whirlpool
Love of my life
Lucille has messed my mind up
Lumpy gravy, parts I and II
The mammy nuns
The meek shall inherit nothing
The M.O.I. anti-smut loyalty oath
Mom & dad
Montana (Whipping floss)
Motherly love
Ms Pinky
Muffin man
My guitar wants to kill your mama
Mystery roach
Nig biz
No no no
Packard goose
Penguin in bondage
Plastic people
Planet of the baritone women
Planet of my dreams
Punky's whips
Pygmy twylyte
The radio is broken
Return of the son of the monster magnet
Rhymin' man
Ride my face to Chicago
Road ladies
Room service
Rudy wants to buy yez a drink
San Ber'dino
Shall we take ourselves serously
Ship arriving too late to save a drowing witch
Shove it right in
Smell my beard
Society pages
Son of Suzy Creamcheese
Spider of destiny
Stevie's spanking
Stick it out
Stick together
Strictly genteel (200 Motels finale)
Stuff up the cracks
Suicide chump
Take your clothes off when you dance
Tears begin to fall
Tell me you love me
Tengo na minchia tanta
This town is a sealed tuna sandwich (Prologue)
Time is money
Titties and beer
The torture never stops
Tiger roach
Trouble every day
Truck driver divorce
Tuna sandwich promenade
Tush tush tush
Uncle Bernie's farm
Uncle Remus
The untouchables
 We're turning again
What kind of girl?  (The 80's version)
What's the ugliest part of your body
When the lie's so big
Who are the brain police?
Who needs the peace corps?
Wet teeshirt night
Why does it hurt when I pee?
Why don'tcha do me right
Why don't you like me?
Wild love
Willy the pimp
Wind up workin' in a gas station
Wonderful wino
Would you go all the way?
Wowie zowie
Yo cats
Yo' mama
You didn't try to call me
You're probably wondering why I'm here
Your mouth
Zomby woof

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