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(in no particular order except as the spirit moves me to add links to this section . . . not meant to be exhaustive or even very definitive or complete . . . just a bloody list . . . I'm finished apologizing now...)  
"Give me your dirty love
Like you might surrender to some dragon in your dreams"
Frank Zappa
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St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast  
An extensive site in the Netherlands devoted to Frank and the repository of the lengthy alt.fan.frank-zappa (see below) FAQ.  This is truly one of the great Frank Zappa pages on the web.  Here is the place where every Frank Zappa fan needs to start.  You know, you really have to admire a guy who actually updates his web site on a daily basis.  Heedrik, you're an animal!

The Black Page  
Another excellent Zappa site. 

The Frank Zappa Way-Cool Area 
A fairly extensive Zappa tribute site including bunches of wav files you might find interesting and lots of other stuff.
to Marion's Frank Zappa Page!
Get it at CD Now!
The Frank Zappa Memorial Photopages
A nice bunch of photos of FZ in performance. Worth checking out.

Voodoo Butter Underpants 
What can I say about a cool personal tribute page with Zappa music that plays while you check it out.  Also includes extensive Zappa web links that I am far too lazy to duplicate.
Civilization, Phase [sic] III: The Web Page

Featuring a really cheesy midi of Peaches en regalia, all sorts of secret stuff about Zappa's magnum opus, Civilization Phaze III and lots of other NEAT and USEFUL stuff that I can't tell you about because I don't have time to check out other peoples' cool web sites 
Biffy Looks at Lather 
The infamous Biffyshrew (a frequent contributor to alt.fan.frank-zappa) gives his own comments on the above-mentioned Zappa CD set and offers a variety of other related material of interest. 
The Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue 
A nice memorial in creditable English and Zappa Links up the Grand Wazoo! 
We're only in it for the touring! 
This site includes a nice effort to provide a Zappa tour database for the World Wide Web. The information could be useful and if you can't figure out why then you probably don't need the information.  What the hell does nifty mean anyway?A yellow shark, kinda...
Pound for a Brown
I suppose you could just dismiss this as just another personal Zappa tribute page (and there are hundreds of them) but it's in Ireland which justifies it's inclusion here.  At least it does in my mind (a nice place to live but a scary place to visit).

Pedal-depressed panchromatic Resonance Home page 
I just wanted to type that name.  Is that cool or what?
Montana Guy's Frank Zappa PageMontana Guy's Frank Zappa Page

It's only right that someone from the great state of Montana (home of dental floss tycoons and pygmy ponies) should have a nifty Zappa web site on the web.  And here it is.  The origninator of this fine web site is a regular on the Undernet #zappa chat channel as CLOCKWORK.  Don't ask... 
The Real Frank Zappa Page 
Maintained by the Zappa Family Trust, this is more or less the 'official' Frank Zappa web site (whatever that means).

He's a beautiful guy 
The Official Frank Zappa Trader's Page! 
This page is designed to be a resource for those that collect and trade concert tapes of the music of Frank Zappa. 
The Mudshark Dancing Lesson Video Archive 
Short video clips of Dave's favorite Zappa videos in QuickTime format.  Not pretty but a worthwhile resource nonetheless. 
The Home Of Frank Zappa Heritage Studies. Maintained by Vladimir Sovetov. 
Pages en regalia: Zappa Discography at the University of Nijmegen 
The Zappa Discography: Officially released albums, Beat the Boots and bootlegs. 
Links Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Web Page 
There's no getting around it.  A name like that had to be here! 
The Yellow Snow Page 
The easy teen-age ENGLISH version! 
The Hometown Sausage Jamboree! 
Sofanic Messages in Frank Zappa's Music revealed!  You figure it out. 
Here is the place to go for unmoderated discussion of Frank Zappa's life and work and other topics more or less related to it. As  'alt' type Usenet groups go, this one is fairly spam-free and the discussions are quite free-ranging. This is one of the few newsgroups that I even bother with! 
Get it at CD Now!
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