In France
(performance from Them or Us)
We're playin' in a tent
It's payin' the rent
I you pooch a civilian
I'ts a major event
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France
The girls is all salty
The boys is all sweet
The food ain't too shabby
An' they piss in the street
In France, etc.
They got diseases
Like you never seen
Got a mystery blow job
Turn your peter green
In France, etc.
They got some coffee,
Eatin' right through the cup,
An' whey they go ka-ka
They make you stand up
In France, etc.
If you're not careful
It'll stick to your cheeks
You'll smell like a native
For a couple of weeks
In France, etc.
We cannot wait
Until we go back
It gets so exciting
When the poodles 'react'
In France, etc.
Never try to get yo' peter sucked in France.