Planet of the baritone women
(performance from Broadway the hard way)
On the planet of the baritone women
They talk low
'Bout stuff they know.
They sing "Oooh!"
And laugh at you
If you can't
Do it too
They sing "Li-li-li-li"
They sing "Lo-lo-lo-lo"
The men carry purses
Wherever they go
Junior executives
All in a row,
Watch the bariton women
do a baritone show

The sing about wheat
They sing aobut corn
They sing about places
Where women was born
They sing about hate
They sing aobut fear
It seems like they all got
A pretty good ear
They sing it harmony
Not often heard
With a big ol' cadenza
On every long word
They keep it as low
As they possibly can
And sometimes they walk
Like an E-GYP-TIAN

They do choreography
Still more unique!
They leave their legs open
Whenever they speak!
They roll their eyes upward
And over again
And slam their legs closed
When they sing about men!
Those baritone women!
They are not your friend
You will make a mistake
If you go there again!